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Promoting tried and trusted products is essential if you want to stand tall and be trusted yourself. There are plenty of people online who will do anything to grab a measly dollar. It’s not just the spammers, who are easy to spot.

Other people, less easy to spot, can fall into this category. Probably everyone falls foul of them sooner or later. I know I have. Just learn from the experience and move on.

They give you priceless examples of how not to be. Don’t get too hung up on them. Even if you can’t get a refund and really need that cash. Let it go, learn what not to do and move on.

Check Out The Products You Promote

Making sure you check out the products you promote can make your growth a bit slow, depending on the amount of time you have to devote to your new venture. But it’s time well spent. It’s like building the foundations to a house. You need them for a stable house.

And so you need a stable foundation for your new venture. One that will replace your dependence on the pay cheque from a job you find unsatisfying or soulless.

The last thing you want when you let that regular plum go, is to find you didn’t set up the foundations of your new venture well enough and now struggle to survive.

So try not to be impatient. When promoting tried and trusted products, it means you have tried them out for yourself. And found them helpful and informative. Or at least one of them from that particular vendor.

Since everyone is different, with different niches and different ways and needs, you won’t find everything helpful to you. All you are looking for when promoting a product, is that you found another product from this vendor helpful and that they have a good support system and a reliable refund policy.

Stick To Your Speciality

You should be specialising in a niche that you have a genuine interest in, that you can get quite passionate about, and that you find easy to write about and promote. People easily see through someone who lacks that interest. So don’t be tempted to deviate, by promoting products outside your speciality in a desperate attempt to earn some much needed cash.

One of the most reliable teachers I discovered quite by chance (is anything by chance?) has recently released a new product. In it, he takes you step by simple step (I love these teachers, just so I don’t miss anything vital) through the process of looking for reliable products that suit your niche, where to find them, what to look for about them and how to promote them.

Be comfortable learning from those who have ‘been there, done that’, made loads of mistakes, learned from them and now want to pass on that knowledge. We don’t need to re-invent the wheel. We need to focus on our speciality and bring new solutions to old problems, as we learn.

No one can ever fault you for promoting tried and trusted products that you:

  • have personally found easy to understand and apply
  • experienced the product and/or vendor as effective and true in what they offer
  • could see they had a ‘no-bars’ refund policy
  • know they have a good support system
  • would be happy to recommend to your closest friends, if they were in the market
  • found affordable for what they deliver

Check this one out for yourself – The Gold Rush. One of his mottos is MEMO – minimum effort, maximum outcome. Probably most people can relate to that.

Madeleine Innocent
Madeleine Innocent

My primary goal is to help empower people. Whether that is through financial freedom or holistic health, the aim is the same. When people feel secure and healthy, they feel happier and tend to reach out to help others.

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