lead generation

Lead generation is the term used to attract potential clients or customers. Essentially, you announce, through your blog, what you do and how you can help someone looking for help in that area.

In the early stages of your business, this is essential. When you are highly successful (I’m sure that will come if you put the work in), then word of mouth will provide you with many contacts.

There really is nothing quite as complimentary as word of mouth. It means others have found you helpful.

I can’t stress enough the true passion you put into your business. That’s why it’s so essential you find the right niche for you. That will make it so easy to write about. You’ll be jumping out of bed in the morning, having had new inspiration in the night!

You will come across as someone to trust, someone who knows their stuff and someone who is on top of the game.

From your point of view, you want to know who is attracted to your blog, so you can hone your skills in that area.

Trying to get your head around lead generation, you will find there is a lot of hype about knowing all the details of your potential clients or customers, their avatar. I feel a lot of it is unnecessary. Who cares if they are divorced or living in a semi or an apartment, how many kids they have, if they drive a Fiat or Ford?

What is much more important to know is:

How Do You Speak To Your Potential Client? What is Your Language?

I’m not talking about English or Spanish or Swahili. I’m talking about how you speak. Does your ideal client appreciate a narrative sprinkled with four letter words, or would that lead them to click away rather hurriedly?

Do they understand your words? Put yourself in their shoes. Did you understand that word before it became commonly used? Do you still need a dictionary? Then, briefly explain the words that you use. (Example, I did at the top by explaining what lead generation is.)

Are you rambling to get a word count, or does your content have value?

I prefer to speak the way I am, so I will attract similar clients. I can’t be someone I’m not. It would come across as false. It would lack sincerity.

What Are You Going To Say?

Sharing your journey is always popular as people like to know how others managed when they were where they are right now.

Sharing the clients you have helped (with their permission) reinforces that and shows your value.

Taking things one step at a time. Appreciate that learning is in stages. That Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t overwhelm them with too much information all at once.

Now You Have Lit The Fire of Desire, You Need To Look After It

Now your reader wants more and will likely subscribe to your list. This is where your services are found. These are tangible solutions to help move them in the direction of success, towards their goal.

For me, lead generation is about:

  • being honest and human and writing as I speak
  • being helpful
  • sharing my journey, my ups and downs
  • suggesting an approach of of course I can do this

Do leave a commentand tell me your thoughts.

Madeleine Innocent
Madeleine Innocent

My primary goal is to help empower people. Whether that is through financial freedom or holistic health, the aim is the same. When people feel secure and healthy, they feel happier and tend to reach out to help others.

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