how to workshop for financial freedom

A detailed and thorough ‘how to workshop for financial freedom’ is essential when you are starting out. You need to know the ‘how to’ ropes that others discovered, often after many failures. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel. You have your work cut out creating your own niche, website, products, etc.

Focus on getting good at what you want to create and leave the marketing to those who have ‘been there, done that’. Certainly you won’t want to follow absolutely everything marketers like to teach you, as it has to match how you feel about it and whether or not it fits well with your niche.

However, you do need a mentor in this area. And you do need to at least consider the bigger market.

Lets consider someone who is passionate about healthy food. They want to share their journey of how they arrived there, how it improved their health, and all the knock-on effects this had it their life.

Setting up a local kitchen normally takes a lot of capital and a lot of time. You could become really good at this, but your clientele will be limited to those in the area. If you are rural, your clientele will be severely restricted. You may work really hard, have a great product, but barely scrape by.

That’s probably not quite what you’re looking for.

Of course, in time you could become famous and end up with franchises all over the country, even the world.

But in the short term, is this something that would help you achieve financial freedom from your job? Is this something that will help you now? Probably not.

What if you spent an hour a day, often all the time people have after juggling work and family commitments, on setting something up online? It’s amazing what you can achieve with regular, consistent work on a project.

In fact, short but regular bursts of activity keep the idea in your mind and you’ll find you tend to get more inspiration than if you work for longer spells. You come at it fresh each time, which is so important.

Going back to the healthy food example, it would be easy for you to create amazing products teaching people what you have discovered, and market them online. The world then becomes your potential clientele.

You help more people. You make more in the process. It’s a win-win situation. Everyone benefits, which is what life should be all about.

Sure, your skills may not be in writing. But you will have skills. And these can be developed with the right guidance.

I have done a lot of online marketing training. I have spent a lot I couldn’t really afford. Sure I did learn some things. But not enough to pay for the courses.

Until I found this one.

You can purchase this ‘how to workshop for financial freedom’ for $1 to check it out. A single dollar is a crazy offer, but the teacher is confidant you will see its worth. And it’s so much better to spend just a single dollar than be promised a refund, that isn’t always honoured. Yep, that’s happened to me, too.

So forget about your lack of confidence, your lack of experience, your lack of training. You only have three things to focus on:

  • have a desire for financial freedom
  • have an idea that you love and can see would benefit others
  • be willing to learn from experienced, trustworthy and upfront teachers

Try out this ‘how to workshop for financial freedom’ for a single dollar. I found the teaching easy to understand, friendly, in nice bite-sized chunks that didn’t overwhelm me, and above all, helpful to my niche.

Madeleine Innocent
Madeleine Innocent

My primary goal is to help empower people. Whether that is through financial freedom or holistic health, the aim is the same. When people feel secure and healthy, they feel happier and tend to reach out to help others.

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