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Building a list is an important part of marketing online, whatever anyone says. It is unlikely to date, certainly in the foreseeable future. Yes, it is possible to market in other ways, but if you do things the right way, you will develop a faithful following who want to know more. They learn to trust you, they like you and they become repeat customers.

So, once you have written a few blogs posts and you are getting into a routine of doing this regularly, start building a list. This is a list of people who like what you say and want to learn more from you.

It’s a big responsibility as you need to be respectful of the trust they have put in you. People are becoming wary of giving others their email addresses. Some are such aggressive marketers, it can become unpleasant.

So treat your readers with the same respect as you like to be treated. You’re on this journey together. It’s a partnership.

There are a variety of different email marketing software businesses. With a variety of different ethics, prices, support and deliverability. Choosing the right one is important as changing over can be a headache; you are likely to lose a number of your subscribers. It’s almost impossible to prevent.

I have been with AWeber for a long time. They are a reputable business with excellent support, good deliverability and good prices. They cater for small, growing marketers as well as large ones. So there is plenty of scope to grow.

They are also easy to work with. The platform is user friendly with plenty of easily accessed information. You can change things easily, as you grow. That’s a really important aspect to have as you are starting – you don’t want to pay much in the early stages, but you want room to grow.

They provide templates for sign up (or squeeze) forms, as well as for follow up emails and broadcast emails. So you don’t have to be a techy genius:) You just need time and patience to learn these new skills.

The follow up emails are those that are sent out automatically at the rate you choose, to everyone who signs up. So this information needs to be evergreen.

The broadcasts are those you send out whenever you have some new news that you want everyone to hear about. It can be of a temporary nature, but important nonetheless.

Both are useful, and getting the balance right is an art!

So, start building a list, using AWeber or any other reputable company, and get into a routine of adding follow up emails regularly  with useful information for your niche followers. They don’t have to be long. In fact, it’s better they aren’t as people are busy and may delete a long, rambling email without reading it.

Madeleine Innocent
Madeleine Innocent

My primary goal is to help empower people. Whether that is through financial freedom or holistic health, the aim is the same. When people feel secure and healthy, they feel happier and tend to reach out to help others.

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