I was born the last of four children. Four girls. To anyone who doesn’t know what that means, it generally means that you inherit all your older siblings clothes, toys, cast offs, etc.

With three older sisters, there was plenty of that!

So I grew up feeling I didn’t really have anything of my own. That didn’t bother me until I hit my teens. Then, like most teens, I needed to explore who I was. I became much more rebellious than my sisters had been.

Luckily, my parents had realised by then, that you have to let teens be teens, or maybe they were just too exhausted by that time! So I did have a lot of freedom. I think I came through relatively unscathed, although others might disagree:)

My dad was a teacher and my mother a part time teacher. In those days, teachers were not very well paid. I remember being told, repeatedly, that we couldn’t afford anything I seemed to want. Probably frivolous things, but it did leave a footprint.

As a result, I’ve been good at keeping expenses down, all my life. I make things last, often well past their retirement-due date.

It also made me independent. I started doing odd jobs to earn money as soon as I was able to. I made all my own clothes and bought all my own personal care products.

My parents didn’t believe in pocket money, so I was never given any. Somehow, I learned how to budget, anyway.

My mother, in particular, wanted a better life for her children than she had grown up in. She didn’t want her children to experience the extreme poverty two world wars can inflict on a people.

This meant we traveled a lot. Almost all of my childhood and teen years was spent in various parts of East Africa, where my dad took up various contract teaching posts.

Traveling broadens the mind far more than anything else can do. You get to rub along side different cultures, different people, different languages and tend to take that all in your stride, as a growing kid.

We explored different regions every holiday. It was an exciting time.

I feel very fortunate to have had these experiences in my formative years.

After college, I worked for a couple of years, but yearned to have my own business. I just didn’t know in what. Then I met someone who had an idea and we went into a successful partnership that lasted about 15 years.

It gave me good management skills and all the other skills needed to run a successful small business with a handful of employees. We grew even through a recession.

Although successful, it wasn’t quite enough for me. But I wasn’t sure what I was looking for.

Until I discovered homeopathy – a specialised branch of holistic health care.

From the moment I discovered it, I loved it. I love what it is able to do. I love helping others bounce back from life long ailments. I love the fact that it can help people, animals as well as plants. I use it, with great success, on my family of animals, on myself. I don’t have a doctor and haven’t seen one for over 20 years. I only use vets for sterilisation purposes.

Homeopathy opens your eyes to a whole new world. One that seems hidden from so many people.

Because homeopathy, or any other natural health therapy, are not part of most government health schemes, it means people have to pay for their treatment. The cost of treatment is insignificant when you compare it against the results.

And that’s great for people who are earning well.

But there are many people who are stuck in the poverty trap. It seems an endless cycle and each successive generation retains the same mindset. Unless they have an urge to get out and go exploring, as my mother had.

locked wallet

These are the very people who could benefit so much from good homeopathic treatment.

So I decided to explore the different options so abundantly available today, thanks to the internet, of how to help people out of the poverty trap.

Of course, this benefits me, too, as I need to test some of them out. I can’t test them all out, and don’t want to. But I need to be able to discern the honest, ethical and relatively straight forward strategies and people from all the rest. It’s a mine field out there! Many people get burned.

Have you have ever wanted to free yourself from the confines and shackles of working for others?
Do you only have a very little in the way of spare cash?
Perhaps you have a bit put aside for a rainy day?
Wherever you are, whatever you have, or haven’t, as long as you yearn to improve your lot, do join me in exploring ways to get that financial freedom you deserve.